It's a me! :Đ

Well, hello there *raises eyebrow*

It's me, the girl behind the nails n_n
I'm a 22 year old girl from Croatia and my name is Mila, in case (well I know for a fact that some of you were wondering about my name so LOL) you wanted to know.

In love with life and the little-big things in it.

I love aaaaaaaaall music and can't imagine my life without it.
My favorite band is HIM, therefor I am obsessed with Finland. It's just so creepy, dark, cold and beautiful, I, I love it. LOVE IT!

I started the blog just because, I just needed a place that would be, just... I needed a happy place.
I needed a place where I could just talk about nail polish, make up, beauty and other things that I like to talk about without people rolling their eyes. (RUDE!)

I'm an open person and I can talk about anything, anyone, whatever!

........aaaand I'm just a tad weird. LOL Just so you know :D