Hey friends!

I am weird. Now that I got that out of the way, let me show you the nails I did for my friend. :)

Pozdrav prijatelji!

Čudna san. Sad kad smo to makli s puta, da Vam pokažen koje san nokte radila prijateljici. :)

What I used: / Koristila san:

- EVELINE 8in1 base coat
- BL Nr.4 Silver
- Silver looooooose LOL glitter
- essence quick dry top coat

She's not that into polishes, she's an earring girl ^^, but she loves silver nails.
And all metallic polishes in general. I got a few months, I'll make her a polish freak LOL :D
I think this is a simple, but very blingy manicure. The accent nail is fabulous in sunlight!
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to take a pic in sunlight, we took this while we were having dinner. :/

Ona nije baš toliko u lakovima, više je za naušnice ^^, ali voli srebrene nokte.
I sve metalik lakove općenito. Iman par miseci, poludit će ona za lakovima LOL :D
Mislin da je ovo vrlo jednostavna manikura, ali vrlo 'in your face'. Naglašeni nokat je famozan u suncu!
Nažalost, nismo imali vrimena da ih slikamo u suncu, ovo je slikano dok smo večeravale. :/

I hope you guys enjoyed this.
Thank you for your time and support! <3
Take care and relax, until next post,
I love you all, byeee! xoxoxo

Nadam se da ste uživali.
Hvala Vam na Vašem vremenu i podršci! <3
Pazite se i opustite, do sljedećeg posta,
volin Vas sve, pozdraaav! xoxoxo

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  1. It's so pretty and very wearable for daily life. It stands out just enough for those that don't like nailpolishes much or if your working somwhere you are not allowed certain things. They look amazing!
    Hope you are doing well and I'm very sorry for my late visit to your blog, but I haven't been home, where i can fool around with my computer.
    Kisses and take care!

    1. Aw honey YOU ARE SOOOOOOO SWEET! <3 Excuse me too, I haven't been home at all :/
      I hope you're doing well, at least we chat on instagram n_n
      Talk to you soon! xoxoxox <3

  2. I'm sure you'll be able to get her completely into our NPA way :D
    Lovely mani, I can imagine the way it looked under the sunlight!

    1. She's still not up for it, but, I am LOL :D
      It was blingy and in yo face all the way. :D


Thank you for your words n_n <3